4 Digital Marketing Trends for 2023

Following the COVID-19 lockdowns, which caused a greater-than-ever reliance on digital by the world’s population, the need for organizations to be creative and pioneer in digital marketing trends has only grown. Businesses cannot afford to put off making investments in cutting-edge digital experiences that will draw in, engage, and keep customers and staff.

How well does your company’s digital marketing plan match up with the predicted trends for 2023? Here are the digital marketing trends to look out for in 2023.

1. Google Analytics 4

Marketers have had most of 2022 to ensure that their websites have to track for the forthcoming Google Analytics 4 upgrade, which is scheduled to replace Universal Analytics in July 2023. However, if you haven’t yet set up yours, you’re going to miss out on some annual comparative data.

GA4 promises to use machine learning to boost reporting, improve real-time data, and offer detailed analytics to better understand your audience and the entire customer journey. The ability to track across websites and applications in GA4 distinguishes it from UA and gives marketers a clearer picture of their customer’s journeys. The classification of all measures as events is another new feature that will help, make tracking engagement simpler and more efficient.

2. Video Marketing

Over the years, video has frequently appeared in lists of the top digital marketing trends and has grown in importance as a component of content marketing. Short videos are the preferred method of product education for 68% of buyers. For brands to satisfy consumer demand, explainer video material that is optimized for social media, YouTube, and search engines should be taken into consideration. Consumers want to be able to learn about products and services at their convenience.

While 84% of people buy a product after watching a product film, “explainer videos” specifically affect 94% of consumers’ purchasing choices. The customer hunger for authenticity and human engagement across their preferred digital hangouts is also satisfied by live video content (i.e. Instagram live).

3. SEO evolution

Google holds a 91.94% market share, making it the dominant player in the industry. Therefore, while discussing SEO, we focus mostly on how to position our websites as highly as possible within Google’s results pages. Each day, Google handles over 8.5 billion searches, with the top results receiving an average click-through rate of 32%. With this level of traffic, SEO should be a key component of any astute digital marketer’s 2023 strategy.

4. Personalization

80% of customers will stop doing business with companies that offer subpar personalized experiences. Customized end-to-end experiences are no longer a “nice to have,” but rather a requirement for firms to compete against their rivals at all. Every touchpoint should be seamlessly integrated into personalized consumer journeys.

Customers anticipate it, and businesses profit from it. According to data from Monetate, conversion rates rise as customers view more personalized pages. Personalization can result in an average 20% increase in sales for businesses.


How many of these marketing trends have you thought about incorporating into your digital marketing plan? Before making any significant strategic adjustments for the upcoming year, it’s a fantastic idea to evaluate your current marketing efforts and digital investments. By collaborating with a certified digital partner such as Ultimedia, you can make this process simple and make sure you don’t pass up high-value chances.

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