Bluetooth is a standard short-range wireless technology to receive and transfer media and other types of files. In the last few years, Bluetooth technology became one of the most popular options for connectivity as it is used to listen to music to data transfer.

The Bluetooth speaker receives the digital audio file without a cable with Bluetooth protocol in this fantastic technology.

Then converts the files to analogue audio and converts the same as the regular speaker does. Then it needs to pair with the devices and play the music and all done.

1. What Is Bluetooth Technology?

What Is Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth is a wireless technology developed to exchange data from device to device within a short distance. To transmit data, it uses the short-wavelength ultra-high-frequency radio wave protocol. You can use a microwave radio frequency spectrum in the 2.402 GHz to 2.480GHz range to transmit digital data.

Let’s see the list of the applications that are using Bluetooth technology in their application.

  • Controls the communication system through mobile and Bluetooth-compatible cars.
  • Contact between the mobile and intelligent lock to unlock the doors.
  • Establish connection amongst the Bluetooth devices.
  • Data streams from Bluetooth-enabled fitness devices to smartphones.
  • Connects two industrial ethernet networks.

2. How Does a Bluetooth Speaker Work?

A Bluetooth speaker works just like a traditional speaker. The only difference is that it works wirelessly, and typical speakers work with hard-wired signals. On the other hand, Bluetooth speakers use radio signals to receive the audio files. There is a built-in amplifier that receives the audio signal.

To function correctly, the Bluetooth speaker has to be paired with the devices. When the devices are connected, the digital audio device forms a Piconet to send the audio signals effectively. However, the intelligent Bluetooth speaker has the option to operate with a voice command.

When the digital audio signal is received, it must go through two key elements. First, the received audio signal must be converted into an analogue audio signal. There is a built-in digital to audio signal feature to convert the signal. Then the converted signal is sent through a power amplifier.

Once the signal is passed through the driver, now it is the driver’s task to produce sound waves. That is how we hear the sound via the Bluetooth speakers.

3. The Best Bluetooth Speaker

Many brands introduced different types of Bluetooth speakers, but according to Nerdknowbetter, the Tikitunes Bluetooth speaker is the best. Since it has been launched, its user reviews are still positive. Its features and structure are excellent, which is different from the other wireless speakers.

It looks like a tiki torch with soft ambient light. A 2000mAh battery is installed that can run up to 6 to 10 hours. Tikitunes is water and dustproof that makes it unique compared to the rest of the speakers.

4. How Tikitune Works

It is a portable speaker that is compatible with all Android, Apple, and Windows devices. There are functional buttons on top of the speaker to operate it. Here are the steps about how to use the tiki tunes speaker?

  • Place the speaker less than 30 feet away.
  • Press the middle button on top of the speaker.
  • Pair the speaker with the smartphone.
  • Once the connection is set up, you can play music.

5. Top Features of Tiki Tunes

Top Features of Tiki Tunes

Tiki tunes is an award-winning stereo music player with some extraordinary features. It is a perfect speaker for indoor and outdoor environments. To know the mind-blowing features of the tiki tunes, let’s have a look at their features.

a. Clear Sound Quality

Though the speaker is tiny, it has the remarkable ability to produce the most transparent and audible sound. Its punchy bass creates a musical dancing environment that changes the person’s mode. It provides high-quality sound that is available only in high-range speakers.

b. Ambient Light

Ambient light is an uncommon and extraordinary feature that is not available with any other wireless speakers. However, tiki tunes have the built-in ambient light that creates a party environment in the house or garden. Its light is soft and changes to many colours, which are perfect for nighttime music.

c. Compact

It is small in size and weighs only 14oz which is easy to carry inside the bags. Tikitunes is designed with water and dust protection. That means you can use it while you are in the swimming pool. And the music continues, no fear if it gets into the water.

d. Easy to Use

It works with the phone’s Bluetooth connection. Just connect the device and play the music. Ttikitunes supports Android, Apple, and Windows devices that are a maximum of 30 feet away. You can keep the phone inside the home, take the speaker outside to the backyard, and control your playlists with the speaker’s buttons.

e. Multi Speaker

Tikitunes has multi-speaker functions that amazingly connect multi speakers at the same time. That means you can connect five speakers to make a party in the house. This feature is not available with most wireless speakers.

f. Where Can I Buy Tiki Tunes?

If you decide to buy one of these speakers, you can buy it from If you purchase it from the tiki tune website, you can return the product in case of dissatisfaction.

The company provides a one-year warranty and 30 days money-back guarantee. The pack includes a charger, a speaker, and a user manual. However, you can purchase from eBay and Amazon wherever you like.

6. Is Tiki Tunes a Scam?

Well, as per my experience, it is not a scam. I have been using the speaker for a year, and it still works as a fresh one. It does what it says. I have enjoyed it most in the bad weather as it is waterproof. Already I have two of them, and they give a good performance.

The device is controllable from 30 feet away. I recommend you to try one of them, and you will be pleased with the speaker. I don’t think it is a scam. The best way to test it is to try one of them. On top of that, it has a great user review.

Final Statement

Tikitunes is the most relaxed wireless speaker that will delight you. Crystal clear sound and ambient light is the exceptional quality of the speaker. Its excellent battery life and fast charging make it most beneficial and comfortable to use.

Though the device is water and weatherproof, be careful not to use it near the electric field, under direct sunlight, and underwater.