Best Practices for Call Center Quality Monitoring

For a call center to function effectively, managers and agents need to be on the same page. They need to be aware of what the business’ goals are and what call center practices are successful. They also need to be aware of which areas need improvement. Call center quality monitoring can help align the business’s goals with the desired outcome. Good call center practices lead to better customer service, which leads to a higher success rate.

1. Best Call Center Quality Monitoring Practices

A call center works best with talented and resourceful call center agents. Therefore, beginning with hiring good reps and then training them to meet your standards is a great strategy. That aside, a right call center VoIP provider will help you monitor and track calls with their services. It is necessary to analyze call activity, recordings, and other metrics to see how your center stacks up against others. Taking these steps will ensure that everyone involved is doing their best to make the sale or complete the task. And so, how can call center quality to be improved?

2. Get on the Same Page

Managers and employees should collectively decide what a “successful” or “good” call means. Understand and clarify company goals and make a note of behaviors and practices that are unacceptable. Managers should make themselves approachable and accessible so that employees can reach out with concerns or confusion.

3. A Strong Script can Go a Long Way

A reliable and engaging script can boost positive customer responses. Also, try to leave room for some flexibility in the conversation. This would help agents tailor their communication to the customer’s situation by paying attention to the customer’s specific requirements. In short, focus on how the product or service can benefit or solve this particular customer’s business situation. This will make the product more desirable to the customer.

4. Take Customer Feedback Seriously

Provide various channels to collect customer feedback: end-of-call surveys, email surveys, surveys with promotions, etc. Customer feedback can help you identify what consumers prefer or where you are losing them. It will also help you understand what types of leads you are failing to capture. Once you have this information, you can strategize ways to target them better.

5. Learn From Your Competition

An essential part of call center quality monitoring is knowing who the competition is and how they are faring. Always check how you measure up against other centers and what techniques or tools they are using. Compare to see whether there are any different practices or procedures that may be working out for them.

6. Maintain Various Channels of Communication

Customers appreciate it when it is easy for them to reach out to your business or enterprise. Therefore, for any transaction, including call centers, it is essential to open and maintain different channels of communication. Think phone numbers, instant texting, email, etc. The bigger and more global your consumer pool, the more advanced modes of connection you need.

Investing in an international call forwarding service can help you expand your business across the world very affordably. This is a service offered by virtual phone number providers. A call made to a virtual number is connected to a cloud-based international call forwarding service, and then routed to the desired number anywhere in the world automatically. Thus, you can have a more global call center and, in turn, a more international clientele.

7. Monitor, Analyze, and Grow

Phone service providers with virtual or cloud-based solutions also give you added benefits of call recording, call activity logs, and other metrics. Monitor calls by studying call recordings or listening in on specific conversations. With these recordings, you can inspect agents’ quality and understand what needs improvement. Use metrics such as average handle time (AHT), customer satisfaction score (CSAT), and customer effort score (CES) to identify which calls poorly or ran too long or needed too many transfers. Those calls can then be studied further to see what the issue was and how it can avoid next time. This is call center quality monitoring at its best.

8. Consider Hiring a Quality Assurance Manager

A quality assurance manager lives to design effective strategies and training materials, study calls, and conduct performance analysis. Therefore, hiring a quality assurance manager for call center quality monitoring is quite essential and time-efficient.

9. Make Your Customers Feel Satisfied

Call centers thrive on excellent customer service practices. So keeping a constant check on how your agents are doing and how you can motivate them to do better can help the center improve tremendously. Consider these call center quality monitoring practices and work towards developing strong customer relations through customer satisfaction.

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