Facebook: Is It a Friend Or Foe?

If anything divides this century from the previous, it’s social media. As technology advances, humans evolve to the high-tech, and hence our lives get to enhance and tech-savvy. In the vast range of our social media options – Facebook is at the apex.

Facebook transformed the face of e-communication; in fact, it was the first electronic social media! However, the sociologists among us have just begun to discover the consequences of this sensation.

Is Facebook a declaration of an acute desire for social networking? Is it still a doable tool to build an online reputation, or can it do more harm than good? Is it our friend or foe? Let’s find out!

1. Why is Facebook so popular: A Friend

You “friend” others with whom you have a bond or whom you wish to be connected to! Then obviously comes sharing countless pictures, the access into other individuals’ lives, some news, convenient way of advertising, a fresh approach to do business, games, dates, and invites to events.

The list goes on and on. And all this can be done within a few seconds. Facebook boasts itself as a fun, laughable, engaging, and emotion-laden community.

After brainstorming about the psychology of Facebook, it has been found out that definitely, the piece of the attraction is, it fuels our narcissism. Facebook renders an innovative style to introduce ourselves to the world as we would desire to be seen. We exhibit our “preferred” self.

On Facebook, you get the option of who you wish to share your updates and information with and comment on the posts you upload. Both consumers and marketers alike go on using Facebook despite the high skepticism of the platform.

Content creators, publishers must utilize this social media giant for their content to be viewed as the interaction through Facebook benefits in contributing to society and refining it. Swords can change a nation, but words can revolutionize the world better!

2. The downside of Facebook: Foe

Is our so-called “connection” practically resulting in a disconnection? Is it the wane of individuality, or maybe just privacy? Several people state Facebook is only another fad. And like any mania, overutilization – or other addiction – is a risk. Usually, people get lost in their virtual reality. There is a risk that killing more and more time online could subsequently lose real-life contacts.

Moreover, nobody knows if the users’ data are safe. Once uploaded, an update, comment, picture, or link has been viewed by the mass. Even though it is edited or deleted instantly, its probability remains in somebody’s screen capture software is highly likely.

There have been reports even of theft accessing Facebook to detect victims who would be away from their houses. Just a slip of the tongue, improper “share,” or unfitting tag can wreak havoc in one’s career, marriage, or societal stature.

Most importantly, there is no assurance that someone is the individual he or she claims to be. Anyone can sign up and take up any name/personality he or she wishes to have.

In research on how Facebook and other technologies torment today’s youth’s health and well-being, it has been found that students who utilize Facebook more throughout the day are more inclined to mental health issues, have worse grades, and the tendency of sickness frequently.

Researchers say, “Individuals higher in narcissism and lower in self-esteem spent more time on the site and filled their pages with more self-promotional content.”

It also feeds into our innate curiosity about what all others are doing. Facebook is a method to peep into the lives of others – Facebook stalking.

You can compare yourself to other people. Will I receive any “likes” from this post? It’s like a yardstick! However, you can buy likes on Facebook. Everything you require to make is finding the best site that suits you and checks out detailed reviews from one such site’s customers.

Due to digital and social platforms broadening their audience’s range, traditional media is battling to accustom.

3. Is Facebook Right for You?

Just as a knife can chop vegetables for the meal, or can stab a person to death, so, too, can social media platforms like Facebook be tools for good or tools for evil? One thing appears certain: social media is transforming the process of communication.

If change is a slow-burning fire, Facebook is an accelerant. We instantly should have a tool at our fingertips that enables endless numbers of people to connect, think, and act in unison like never before. All that you ought to do now is create an account and enter the magical kingdom of social media.

As with all marketing channels and online options, there is vast potential to utilize Facebook as a tool to establish your brand, interact with target audiences, and demonstrate the experience you have to offer and a desirable reputation.

And the best part has more likes on Facebook boost the overall performance of your marketing campaign. And there is a risk. I think Facebook’s benefits supersede the negatives.

Meanwhile, as with all things in life, it has to be taken in moderateness to not meddle with one’s psychological well being.

It is crucial that if we utilize these sites, we pay close attention to what we share, with whom we share it, and expose ourselves to others in the content and our communications style. And that’s it, folks.

This post was last modified on October 9, 2020 12:35 pm

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