A Beginner’s First Trial Experience Of FlexClip Video Editor

Due to the rise of Youtube, more and more video creators and self-media have appeared in large numbers, and various types of videos have appeared on the Internet. In addition, many companies, startups, or traditional media also hope to catch up with this wave of social media.

In that regard, more and more video editors show up. They help produce various types of videos for marketing, promotion, and sharing of ideas. I am working to include one of the most straightforward tools, “FlexClip.”

1. What is FlexClip?

FlexClip is a product of Pearl Mountain Technology, and it is a web service that allows you to upload photos and videos and create fancy clips with simple operations.

FlexClip has a large number of ready video templates that have cleared the copyright. Templates include Business, Education, Corporate, and so on, which allows you to create videos that match various scenes.

2. Why use FlexClip?

a. Edit videos online

One of the advantages of FlexClip is that you can edit videos online. So you can use the video editing software on any device. With FlexClip, you can edit videos on the cloud system, so you can create and edit at any time and anywhere.

b. High-resolution video

Of course, professional videos must have a higher resolution, and commercial packages support up to 1080p HD downloads.

c. Unlimited use of material library

FlexClip has thousands of templates and millions of resource materials, all of which are high-definition quality and unlimited use in commercial packages.

d. Unlimited project storage

Before the final video is produced, there must be many experimental videos. Each video needs to be stored for editing or used as version control. The commercial package can be used for unlimited storage projects.

e. Videos can be up to 30-minutes long.

It is not easy to make a 30-minute video, but with the convenient operation of FlexClip, and a large number of templates combined to produce a 30-minute high-quality video, it feels not so far away.

f. 100G cloud storage

In addition to the massive amount of material provided by FlexClip, we can also upload our material. Whether it is pictures, videos, music, etc., FlexClip provides a 100G capacity for you to use.

g. Commercial use is also possible for paid members.

FlexClip allows even beginners to create high-quality videos, but there is one caveat. That is, you need to be a paid member for commercial use.

There are Basic, Plus, and Business plans for paid members. If you want to do video editing in earnest, consider a paid program that fits your budget.

h. Many royal-free templates

FlexClip has a large number of templates that have cleared the copyright. Templates include Business, Education, Corporate, etc., and it is a specification that allows you to create videos that match various scenes. Let’s use the template well and lead to efficient video creation.

i. Abundant materials such as animation, images, and music

In addition to the templates introduced above, FlexClip has a wide variety of animations, images, music, and more. You can also collect from a wide variety of materials for the music played in BGM.

j. Easy transitions

A transition is a switching effect between videos. You can easily add a change with FlexClip. There are plenty of products available. And you can add any transition effect by choosing the one you like from various transition candidates.

3. Final thoughts

The most annoying thing about self-study is the sense of frustration. FlexClip minimizes the sense of frustration and enhances the sense of accomplishment of beginner video creation.

FlexClip is suitable for beginners in video editing and for those who have no ideas where to start. If you are involved in working it, check the Black Friday deal here.

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