Easy Tips On How To Improve Turntable Sound Quality

Sometimes, you feel like you want to improve your vinyl player sounds, but don’t see how you can do that without breaking the bank. As surprising as it’s, there are many easy ways to do so for free or with minimal investments.

1. Place your Turntable correctly.

The turntable’s placement is vital for good-quality sound reproduction. It must be placed on a massive table that stands on the floor firmly. You can also put it on a wall shelf with the necessary dimensions (the player must completely fit on it).

There is also a great variety of Vibro-decoupling stands that can protect the player from external mechanical influences, which will be very beneficial for sound quality.

2. Replace the phono cartridge

The replacement of the phono cartridge may improve the sound of any, even entry-level turntable. Go to has-sound.com and read the phono cartridge reviews to find some of the highest-quality phono cartridges for replacement.

3. Ensure that it stands perfectly flat

If it seems like it’s not, you have to align its horizontal position precisely. It order be incredibly more natural to do if the turntable has height-adjustable support. If not, you can use additional linings of small thickness to align either the table or the player itself.

4. Balance the tonearm | Turntable Sound Quality

Only with a perfectly balanced tonearm, your turntable will sound as it should. The tonearm adjustment must be made with perfect precision, so use an individual scale located on the tonearm’s rear. The pickup needle must exert a strictly calibrated pressure on the record while playing. If you exceed this pressure, it may lead to sound distortion and the damage of the platter or needle.

5. Replace the standard pickup

Another way to improve a vinyl player’s sound quality is to replace a standard pickup with another one of a higher class. However, note that such a replacement only makes sense with those turntables that meet all the Hi-Fi requirements.

6. Use a record clamp

A record clamp may look like a large washer that presses the record with its weight, or, for example, like a screw clamp that must be fixed on the spindle. The brace provides better record damping by creating denser mechanical contact with the platter.

7. Use a turntable mat | Turntable Sound Quality

Most turntables go with mats, but, as usual, most of them are of a poor or average quality and require replacement. The high-quality carpet not only improves the listening experience and isolates the records from vibrations from the player but also protects your documents from mechanical damages.

Turntable mats are made of various materials – cork, rubber, synthetics, and even leather. However, in some cases, when the player’s platter is acrylic, the use of a mat is not recommended. Due to the damping properties of the carpets, they introduce a specific coloration into the sound of the player. Therefore, by using different mats, you can “tweak” the music in some ways.

8. Find the right phono preamp Stages .

The phono preamp stage provides your turntable with extra amplification and equalizes the tonal balance. That is why it can make your vinyl player sound like it never looked before. Most phono preamps stage can cope with both moving-magnet and moving-coil cartridges.

9. Take care of your records. | Turntable Sound Quality

It’s evident that dirty records, full of static electricity, won’t be played with the fantastic sound quality on any turntable. That is why you should clean your files and remove dust from them. It will be perfect to use a special anti-static record brush for this.

10. Upgrade your speakers

If you are experiencing some issues with your turntable’s sound quality, this may lie not in the unit but for the speakers. Primarily if you use those integrated with your turntable: they rarely come endowed with high-quality sounding. That is why it’s recommendable to think about buying a pair of new speakers that will offer a Hi-Fi sounding, mainly if you use a turntable from a high-end segment.

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