How to Rank Your Website

Anyone interested in learning how to rank their site and beyond should understand that marketing today is very different from even a year ago. It’s not that every technique is obsolete and relegated to the heap of almost worked ideas. No, it’s because technology is better, and faster, and so too, are your readers.

The coronavirus led the way in changes over the past year and forced changes they were. In that way, we don’t take anything for granted anymore. Our senses are piqued every moment because let’s face it; no one has ever been in this position. That said, every action and reaction is a measured response waiting for a critique.

In many ways, ranking your site is like the changes we’re going through. More than ever before, your content must be spot-on in response to the needs of your readers. There are no exceptions on this anymore. Forget about trying to boost your site as you’re writing content for Google.

1. It’s About Your Reader

A primary focus for this year and from now on is to focus on your reader’s goodwill. But, while you’re treating your readers with the most incredible amount of respect, remember to go beyond your brand and create content that your readers love and will share across their social media channels, and give Google something to notice.

You’ll notice, too, that Google sees the activity and interest that your content produces. The idea is to get all or most of your content right in front of them so they can’t miss what everyone else sees.

It’s here where SEO takes over and begins to shape your online marketing strategy. Your goal is always to get on the first page of the search engine results pages (SERPS) for all your keywords, or even better, position one or zero on the first page.

Do you know that somewhere near 75% of Internet searchers rarely go past the first page of Google search results? Regardless of whether the products are perfect or not, Google is an example of branding know-how.

2. Branding and Domain Authority

Those are two critical ranking factors that get down to the nitty-gritty of ranking your site at any time. But, in the future, into 2021 and beyond, these factors will always have their place. It’s not easy or quick to reach the point where Google and the other search engines regard your site as authoritative, and as a well-known brand.

There are no tricks to reach the pinnacle. Use proven techniques that work and are appreciated by your readers. That is, they’ve learned to depend on your site for answers, and you have earned their respect, which is precious and hard-won.

There’s been talk that meta tags don’t catch the attention of search engines, including Google. That sounds like a misunderstanding because aside from Google not paying attention to the keyword meta since 2009, other tags like title and image alt tags still play a role in helping determine your site’s ranking.

To help boost your site and your authority, always remember to optimize your title tags and image alt texts, including your on-page content. You want to make your content readable by everyone, not just by you and the search engines. That includes those with difficulties reading text and viewing images. Remember, always treat your readers with the utmost respect.

3. Additional Important SEO Tips

Remember, your reader is number one. Create a pleasing and rewarding experience for them, and they will respect you and your purpose because you respect theirs. It’s a two-way street. Stop with the odd-looking mobile version of your website.

4. Get Mobile Ready

Aside from irritating your readers with the constant scrolling and misaligned formatting, Google will drop you way down the ranking ladder. Don’t let it happen to you.

5. Check the Loading Speed

We all love fast-loading sites. It makes everything else seem faster, too. Google takes note of that, also, and rewards your site accordingly.

6. The Power of Video Today

If you haven’t jumped on the video train, it’s time to consider doing that. Most people, but not all, love to watch videos on your site instead of reading text. Keep your readers happy and provide videos for them. They will appreciate the fact that you’re attentive to their needs.

7. High-Quality Content and Backlinks

Branding and domain authority are by-products of the challenging work of creating consistent, high-quality content for your readers and backlinks – many of them. The content of any authority site is excellent and well done.

Writers of this content have a deep understanding of the topic and like to share what they know. Depending on the person reading the material, your site could earn a well-deserved backlink, or a link to your site that originates from another authority site respected by its readers and one that Google loves, too.

Backlinks from authority sites are a treasure and a feather in the author’s cap article. They express a vote of belief in the author’s work and deserve a shout-out, so to speak, to others interested in the same topic. That’s great for your readers, and Google loves to see this kind of reaction.

They reward your website with a higher rank in the SERPS. After all, in their eyes, you deserve a more elevated position because your site helps its readers.

Google exists to provide the best search experience anywhere on the Internet, which explains why they are very particular and fussy about the websites and the content they contain. To have them consider your website for a better position in the SERPS, your site, and its content must meet stringent standards.

Of the many standards, your site is measured by; backlinks are near or at the top of the list. Fortunately, a few companies are willing to provide a much-needed service for webmasters everywhere.

They are guest posting service agencies that specialize in authoritative link-building. But the #1 best guest posting service will have already established itself with years invested in building connections with other publishers, among other impressive qualifications.

8. The Trust Factor

Google wants to know if your site deserves its trust to rank your site higher. When the Google Bot crawls your site and finds your about us page, contact us, and privacy policy (think GDPR) with your terms of service, it’s a big plus in your favor.

Remember that backlinks signal Google that many, or hundreds or thousands of trusted sites link back to your site. To them, it speaks well of the existence of authoritative content that one, helps your readers, and two helps your site rise in the SERPS. Don’t underestimate the power of backlinks.

The bottom line with trust is to make sure your site is loaded with high-quality content written for a specific niche, and easily shared and linkable.

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