How To Watch American Netflix Abroad

Any device that can support the internet can run Netflix. Netflix is a streaming service where you have to buy its subscription to watch their media contents. People of 190 countries are now using the Netflix service, and the number is increasing.

Netflix is an American based streaming service, and the content is limited outside of the US. Netflix subscriber lives, most of the content is somewhat limited, unlike America. If you live in Bangladesh, you cannot see all the content li0ke the American does. This is why you should read this article to know how to watch American Netflix abroad.

1. How to watch American Netflix abroad

You can see American Netflix abroad, but you cannot see all the shows on Netflix like the American sea. Based on your residence, the Netflix contents are limited. Only USA citizens can enjoy their freedom of information and get access to any media content.

Netflix does not leave a stone unturned to ensure they can block every possible way of piracy. If Netflix sees enough demand from the people in the US and not so much in other countries, they only broadcast the shows in America.

Netflix uses my IP address to detect where I am browsing from; if I am not in America, I cannot see all the shows like American does. So, I need to masquerade my IP address to an American one to bypass my Geo-blocking, based on my geographic location.

But Netflix uses firewalls to ban all free services. However, we’re here to let you know about how to watch American Netflix abroad. So, if you are wondering how to watch American Netflix abroad, two ways are described below.

2. Smart DNS proxy:

However, the DNS proxy is a smart technology that can unblock any content from your location, restricted to access. It doesn’t change your IP address or slow down your streaming speed.

  • Open the official website of DNS from your browser by searching smartdnsproxy
  • First, create a trial account. To do that, you have to provide your email id and make a password
  • Log in your account of smart DNS proxy and click how to set up
  • In the setup option, you have to choose which Windows version you used on your computers like windows 10 or any previous version of windows.
  • After clicking setup, go to your network connection and enter ethernet properties
  • In ethernet properties, the networking section uses your internet protocol service and select “use the following DNS server addresses.”
  • Then go to the and find the DNS server of Us East, West or Center
  • Copy and paste the address to the section named “use the following DNS server address.”
  • Next, go to your smart DNS proxy account and activate your IP address on the intelligent DNS proxy server
  • Now restart your computer go to Netflix and search for any restricted content which wasn’t available before
  • The point to be noted is this trail is free for 14 days, and after 14 days, you can create an account for two dollars.
  • 3. Connect a VPN:

    A VPN uses encryption and other technology to use the internet more anonymously. But there are several VPN which is better for you to use Netflix like you live in America and see American content.

    This will cost you a little but worth your cost. The way you connect a VPN for Netflix is given below:

    • You have to download a VPN from google or for android user use the play store or the apple store
    • The setup file is ready to use once downloaded. Open it.
    • You can select your preferred region.
    • Give all information and accept the condition for install VPN
    • After giving the information, press install to install the VPN
    • After the installation, open the VPN application from your installed path
    • Click sign up to create an account
    • Provide your information as you asked
    • Once done, start the VPN
    • Select location the US because you want to use Netflix that has All content of America
    • If one location is not connected, try to connect another location

    You have to choose the US wherever your geographical location is. Connect the VPN, and Netflix and Netflix will think you are browsing from the US. Sometimes Netflix sends you an error that you are using an ad blocker or a different proxy.

    When you get that problem, change the location or server of the VPN because there are a lot of servers in a VPN. For example, the show which is not available in US-Chicago may be available in the UK kingdom. By using these, you can watch Netflix from outside the USA.

    These are the most useful ways that you may use to watch American Netflix from abroad. DNS offers a free trial for a few days. You can take advantage of this free trial in many situations. For example, if a person is flying from the USA, DNS is a good option.

    That way he can enjoy all your shows, and you do not have to pay any money either.

    A free VPN is available, as well. But free VPNs may connect you to American Netflix for now. In a few days, those free VPNs eventually get caught and blocked by the Netflix algorithm.

    Many other obligations are there as well. One of the primary commitments against free VPN is that it sells the user’s information to any interested party. So, free VPNs should be avoided.

    4. Final Words

    VPN is a tool that can introduce the limitless world. Netflix tries to take control over who sees which content. VPN is the asset here to help people to overcome this rulership of Netflix and enjoy the content they want.

    Being a multi-billion dollar company, Netflix now has a robust algorithm to catch and block VPN users. That’s why you need to know how to watch American Netflix abroad, and this article will help you fulfill that desire.

    This post was last modified on October 21, 2020 10:09 pm