3 Easy Tips to Improve Your Internet Speed

Unlimited internet connection is now essential in our daily life, whether for entertainment or professional activities. Unfortunately, this connection can sometimes experience slowdowns, which often weaken the signal’s quality at home. This slowing down can be due to several elements, including physical objects, electronic devices, etc.

To remedy this situation, we offer you these few practical solutions to follow.

1. Measure your internet access speed

This step is particularly important. Before contacting your internet provider’s technical support, you’d better measure the internet speed in your home. You can do the test on your operator’s official website, or through one of the tools available online.

Once the test is completed, you will have a realistic view of your connection, without relying on the number promised by your operator, which is very often theoretical:

The type of Internet Access technology:

if you notice that the speed is low, remember to change your connection mode and repeat the test. Experts strongly recommend using the Ethernet cable instead of the WiFi connection. The cable guarantees a stable and efficient service throughout the navigation on the net.

The router’s location:

you must choose a good position if you are using the wireless connection. Place the equipment in a ventilated area within the house and free from interference. The router must be elevated to 1 meter or 1.50 meters from the ground to receive a good signal.

Intervention at home:

keep the router as far as possible from walls, metal objects, and electrical devices. To resolve the interference problem, do not hesitate to purchase a dual-band router.


you can use the WiFi repeater to boost the network range at home. To install it, press the WPS button.

The equipment used model:

whether it is for residential telephony or the Internet connection, the consumer must always have quality equipment. A new device offers multiple channels, more reliable network coverage, and scalable speeds with various accessories.

If the internet connection problem persists despite everything, do not hesitate to contact your operator’s technical support. It will provide you with the tools you need to boost your throughput as quickly as possible.

2. Secure your internet connection | Internet Speed

It would help if you secured your household internet connection with a strong password to prevent malicious people from infiltrating your network.

If there are guests in your home, it is recommended that you use a separate network, and limit its range.

3. Control your applications | Internet Speed

Recent router models provide innovative options for their users, allowing them to categorize programs according to their type and degree of importance.

This option is essential to avoid the monopolization of bandwidth when downloading large files by one of the family members. Indeed, multiple solutions can be implemented to improve internet speed at home.

But if many of you are consuming bandwidth, it is better to change your current subscription and take out a very high-speed offer instead.

This post was last modified on July 27, 2020 8:41 pm