Online learning is not going anywhere – Why?

The coronavirus pandemic has brought plenty of changes, and many aspects of people’s lives shifted 180 degrees due to health requirements, such as worldwide lockdowns and social distancing.

From remote working to online learning, referred to as e-learning, many people have seen themselves facing a challenge like never before. Until now, it was a choice to work from home or enroll in distance learning, so whoever did it had made sure they were adequately equipped for this.

However, the challenges are more significant in terms of studying, as many teachers or lecturers weren’t prepared to hold exams or presentations for grading purposes through a video call.

However, some schools and universities managed to adapt during this time, and some students realized that it is more advantageous to keep studying remotely. So, now that restrictions are easing and institutions are beginning to open their doors again, it is noticed that online learning is not going anywhere. Why is this happening?

1. Learn at your own pace and on your terms

During the year-long restrictions, when this disruption was all too new and unpredictable, it was incredibly difficult for many for a short period. In contrast, for others, the inability to adapt to this form of studying lasted much longer. So, going back to physical learning is the preferred way for these people, and once restrictions are lifted, e-learning probably won’t be a personal choice.

On the other hand, other students have discovered that online learning facilitates how they study. For example, not everyone has the same learning style and techniques, and so, for some, it is more difficult to learn certain things fast, and they require more time. Students can study at their own pace and manage their time according to their style and other responsibilities with online learning. 

For instance, an online course supports this better than the traditional teaching method for whoever is also working part-time. Or perhaps you are a first-time parent who wishes to attend a specific period.

Remote learning can facilitate your situation, and you don’t have to worry about hiring a babysitter so you can attend class. During the time, online learning was the only way institutions had seen the demand from some students. Accordingly, if you prefer this type of learning, you will probably have more chances now to find your ideal course online.

2. Learn from everywhere – distance is not an issue anymore.

This advantage is probably one of the strongest ones. You do not want to bother about not attending a course you have always wanted to, but couldn’t due to the long distance.

With online classes, not only are you able to sign up for a course that is remaining kept in a separate part of the world, but you can also have a wider variety to choose from.

Given that you aren’t restricted to a location, you can find all kinds of courses that perhaps your home country or countries nearby don’t have. So, this way, you don’t have to limit yourself or find an alternative to your studies that isn’t what you wanted. 

3. Learn anything – you might find a new passion.

Apart from the advantage of availability and not being limited to a location, you can also study anything you would like. As mentioned above, the spectrum of choices increases, given that you can find online courses taught from everywhere. Chances are, most of them are in English, so you shouldn’t worry about not speaking a particular language. 

For instance, you might have always wanted to acquire basic skills in science-based subjects, and attending short chemistry courses online that can help you lay a background of knowledge is the most suitable option.

This way, you learn whether this was just a curiosity or a passion without attending a lengthy university course. If, indeed, you find a new interest that you genuinely desire to turn into a career, you now know for sure that investing in a longer course is worth it.

4. Learn without worrying about high expenses

E-learning is much less expensive than the traditional method of attending class. Indeed, there are limited free courses online – and those are probably just a preview or not intensive enough. However, the fee for a comprehensive and in-depth course will still be less than all the expenses you would have if you didn’t study remotely.

Apart from the cost of a course at a college and university, you will need to consider travel expenses. What’s more, if the institution is not in your hometown and you need to move out, you will also have to add accommodation costs.

So, for someone who doesn’t afford this move, you can learn about your desired field without worrying about money or overwhelming yourself with a job so you can make some extra money with an online course. 

5. Learn transferable skills

Last but not least, online learning helps you nurture transferable skills. For instance, as the need for digital tools is imperative, such as video-conference apps or file-sharing tools, you will improve your technical skills.

In today’s environment, being tech-savvy has become an indispensable and mandatory attribute. It doesn’t mean you have to be a computer scientist, but you must be confident with using digital tools. Whether you study remotely or not, you will most definitely need to have such skills in your career.

6. Learn while expanding your worldview

Maybe you have always wanted to study abroad but never got the chance or financial means to do it. But now is your chance to do it and you can still have an excellent experience. Indeed, attending a course in person in a different country is much better. 

Yet, the opportunity to study something you have always wanted with people from all over the world will still expand your worldview. You will meet – although virtually – and speak with people from different cultures and learn much more than what is taught at the course. And, who knows, maybe you will make friends for life, and when you are ready, you can visit each other.

Plus, such an experience will enhance your CV, given that you will have the chance to acquire knowledge and open your mind to adapt to new environments. Moreover, future employers will notice your resourcefulness, ambition, and desire to learn. 

This post was last modified on August 10, 2021 10:00 pm

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