How To Save Music To Listen Offline?

If you are an old-school person who prefers an offline playlist, then downloading is the best option for you. Many people prefer to download some songs to have a backup when in a low connectivity zone. It is also a great way to put your friend’s jam in their birthday video background. Yes, downloading has many significant advantages.

In today’s online generation, many people get confused about downloading music these days. Don’t hesitate if you are not familiar with this process. It will take an instant to understand and ace it.

Then externally any further ado, let’s get started and know how to save music to listen offline:

1. STEP 1:

Download an application, such as MP3Studio, to make things easier. Applications like this will erase the hassle and confusion of downloading music. To download, go to their official website and click the download button. MP3Studio is available for Windows, Mac, and Android. Later launch the application and follow the process.

It easily converts any YouTube or other streaming websites to MP3 (audio) format or can download in MP4 (video) format. There will be no charge to install it. So feel free to get it.

2. STEP 2:

Now, go to YouTube or any other streaming service and select the music you want to download. Do this by simply copying the link of the video from the browser’s bar. You can also choose to copy a whole playlist. This application can download many songs simultaneously.

3. STEP 3:

Then come back to the MP3Studio YouTube downloader and paste the input field link. The downloading speed will depend on the file’s size, but it won’t take more than a few minutes. It can download up to 99 songs at the same time.

4. STEP 4:

The process has not been completed yet. You now have to select a format to go ahead. Whether you want to listen to an audio file or watch a video alongside you depends on you. It also offers other designs like AVI, MOV, and WMV.

5. STEP 5:

Instantly, here is the final step. Click this to turn button to start the process of conversion and finally download it. You can access the music through an offline medium anywhere, anytime. Also, like other applications, remember to upgrade it when it asks for it. It will keep solving the bugs and improve your experience.


Music impacts and gives us business. It is a window for people who breathe and live with music every day. Applications like this have made listening offline easy. It is a simple way to get music offline and enjoy it. Say no more to get bored while traveling in the subway, losing the connection, and downloading your favorite music.

Offline can follow you anywhere. Listening to offline music has many benefits, and everyone should make use of it. So, you can and must also do that right now!

This post was last modified on October 9, 2020 12:03 pm

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