Small Business Ideas with Low Investment and High Profits

Practically every business owner would like his venture to yield profits. Often, this is backed by high capital, which they would need to put towards the business. This can become quite the blocker, especially early on during the inception.

However, some lucrative business ideas can indulge in, which don’t necessarily break the bank and procure successful returns. Small profitable business ideas that do not require a large investment make them an extremely desirable proposition for aspiring business owners.

Small Business Ideas in India

Low investments in small businesses can get you a higher return without having to dent the pockets. Many of these start with no to minimal expenses at commencement but eventually can be spread further after making a decent profit.

Have a look at some of these business ideas in India that you can consider.

1. Blogging

The newfound craze of today is blogging. It has a broader outreach to a global audience and depending on how much engagement you can get. It can be a lucrative field.

Bloggers are influencers who promote products and places alike and get paid well by agencies looking to advertise their products. Influencers partner with various brands to share their processes and thoughts and can reach a vast audience.

A more massive social media following can practically ensure a lucrative result and good monetary gains. First, one only needs a smartphone, and a social media handle such as Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, etc.

Once you are a successful blogger, you can further expand your business by launching your products and become a small business owner yourself. Different genres of blogging that you can consider taking up are:

Types of Blogging

Travel Blogging

Give your audience a glimpse of the beautiful places and hotels you visit while giving them your travel escapades’ overall experience. Make the photos even more attractive by editing with the right tools and watch your following grow by leaps and bounds.

Food Blogging

Who doesn’t love to eat? The more exotic, the better. Take your followers on food trails with you and have them witness the delicious cuisine of different places. The moment you start gaining followers, you will be contacted by various food world businesses to promote their eateries.

Fashion Blogging

There is massive money in fashion. Wear the latest trends and share your styling tips with people using the right hashtags and tagging the relevant people. Enjoy the growth in your audience while companies call you and give you lots of free stuff in addition to paid partnerships.

Music Blogging

Share the latest trending numbers and throw in some originals if you have a penchant for singing and watch yourself get discovered.

Fitness Blogging

Everyone wants to get healthier, and what better than a free workout tutorial? Share your exercises and give the right tips to everyone who wishes to get fitter. Eventually, you can start paid classes and also make good money on fitness brand marketing.

2. Virtual Service Assistance

Virtual assistants help various businesses as they manage everything related to marketing for multiple brands. Ranging from various services such as social media handling to inbox management, this is a great way to kick start a small business idea in India.

In case you have specific skills, relevant education, and experience, you can earn even more right from the get-go. All you need to commence this business is a computer and a good Wi-Fi service.

3. Tuitions

A good educational background goes a long way in coming through for the success of your career. If you have performed well throughout your studies and have relevant qualifications, you can start private tuitions, which need the hour. Almost every student in India needs that extra help you can provide, and you need no investment for the same, except for a smart brain.

You can charge per class, per hour, or even per month and make a good living out of this. What is more attractive is that you have the flexibility of time while you teach at specific hours of the week. Your investment in this small business type is minimal, as you can either have students come to your home or visit their home.

4. Beauty Salon and Spa Treatments

Self-grooming is not only for women but also for men. With the constant demand for general personal hygiene, grooming, and several other services, you can have a very high yielding business in this sector. All you need is a small investment in the beginning to zero in on a place and the necessary equipment.

You can start small with only one or two assistants and then slowly and steadily expand as you start making profits. Rest assured, the beauty business is bound to do well more often than not as it is not dependant on inflation or other issues.

Women will always need to get their nails and hair done, while men will also regularly come and de-stress.

5. Cooking Classes

Food is the topmost in-demand world over. If you are a good cook and feel that you can teach people how to do so for a fee, this is one of the best small profitable business ideas that you can work on.

The capital required for this is minimal, as you will only need to spend on ingredients and other kitchen appliances to start with. Some of the items you will need to begin with are:

  • Oven
  • Microwave
  • Hob
  • Cutlery
  • Crockery
  • Condiments
  • Elements (as per the scheduled dish for the day)
  • Electricity

Once you have all of the above, go ahead, make your creations with easy steps on any of the many free graphic applications and start marketing it to people. Before you know it, hordes of aspiring chefs will be at your doorstep, ready to pay a good buck for your time.

6. Podcasting

In similar lines to blogging, podcasts offer an audio format as opposed to a video or text. You can share your thoughts over the podcasts that are then open to a global audience.

Depending on the content created and the level of interest generated, it can become a very lucrative arrangement. All you will need is some essential audio equipment in terms of investment, but that won’t cost too much.

Once you achieve the targetted audience, you can also create a small membership fee website and reserve some of the paid members’ content. This adds to the revenue and gives you genuine followers, which you can then show in your funding pitch if needed during expansion in the future.

7. Real Estate Agent

Ever thought about becoming a godfather for your own business? The world of real estate can help you do that. All that needs to be done to venture out into the world of real estate is some thorough research of the locality and a good understanding of residential and commercial areas’ prospects.

Additionally, once you have finished studying the demand and supply for the same, your communication skills, natural flair for persuasion, and confidence will ensure you make a hefty amount in commissions every time you make a sale. You practically do not need anything more about networking and building a solid clientele in terms of investment.

8. Content Writing

An absolute need of today, considering the world of digital marketing is on an all-time high, good content writing is always in demand. Be it for an influencer, a restaurant, an office, a website, or even a professional, everyone will want to be marketed.

Crafty content, which is both short and exciting, will lure audiences towards the brand you are trying to promote. Once you achieve the desired engagement, you will start to do better, get different people to approach you, and eventually name your price.

All you need for doing good content is primary education and a natural flair for written communication. In terms of investment, you only need a laptop/computer and an excellent working Wi-Fi connection.

The best part about this type of business is that you can do it remotely and from practically anywhere in the world. The cherry on the cake is that you can do your hours and not worry about doing a 9-5 mundane job.

Small business ideas in India to dive into are plentiful and can be easily achieved. The growing supply does ask for a reasonable demand, and you can provide that.

Ensure that you have specific skills, interests, passion, and education to have a brilliant career in any field you desire and make too high returns. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and head-start your high-profit business today!

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