As technology continues to advance with time, smart technology will become more and more integral to home security systems.

With crime on the rise in many parts of Canada, home security will only grow with importance, and implementing the most state of the art technology on the market is highly recommended. Amazon is currently selling top of the line home security systems that can be integrated with Alexa.

Interestingly, Amazon includes the installation as part of the package, and they are also currently not charging any monthly fees, nor is there a monthly contract to worry about either.

They are also offering their systems in 5 price tiers, so people from all walks of life can afford one of their cutting edge security systems.

The future is now, and smart speakers have become the new gold standard in home security system technology.

1. Pros of Smart Speakers

An intelligent speaker will primarily serve as an omnipresent voice assistant that can replace a physical bodyguard in many cases. A smart speaker system will also allow you to obtain help when you need it.

Control Home Security Systems by Smart Speakers

The device will let you or your loved ones to check in regularly without actually needing to have the widget on your person. For instance, in the event of an emergency, you can send out an alert to one entirely hands-free person.

You can even opt to send out the alarm to a group of contacts if needed. You also have several options in regards to how you send out the alert, as most smart speakers will allow you to send out alerts via phone call, text, or email.

Moreover, many smart speakers today also include a screen display. As such, some will also allow you to view footage and feeds via intelligent security cameras and video doorbells as well. You may also be able to listen to local police crime news bulletins via your smart speaker.

Imagine a scenario where a criminal has recently escaped from a local prison not too far from your home. If such a situation were to arise, then you could receive an alert via your smart speaker that a criminal is currently on the lam. This may help prepare you in advance if the criminal decides to break into your home.

With technology continuing to advance, the smart speakers being sold will only continue to grow in sophistication. For instance, it is now possible for a user to control their entire security system via their voice if they wish. They can also check on individual security cameras as well as turn smart locks on and off with a simple voice command.

As mentioned, you can also receive alerts from the local authorities via your leading-edge smart speaker. You can also check on the status of your smart security system with your smart speakers. Some policies will also be able to automatically alert the proper authorities in the event of an emergency.

For instance, if there is a domestic disturbance at your home, then the smart speaker system may call 911 for you, or the smart speaker may automatically trigger an alarm or emit a loud alert to wake up sleeping family members in the event of a flood or fire.

2. Cons of Smart Speakers

While smart speakers have a myriad of advantages, there are also some possible cons that you should be aware of. For instance, integrating intelligent security systems with smart speakers may cause some issues. There may be issues with integration and communications, and parts of the system may fail in due time.

The solution is to ensure that all of the pieces are correctly integrated before the system is activated. Routine inspections and maintenance should also be performed to ensure that the system is working as intended. As with most things in life, a security system will eventually malfunction and fail in time.

Smart Speakers

Some privacy issues may also result, so ensure that you are in strict compliance with all provincial and municipal codes of conduct and privacy before you install your smart speakers and your intelligent security system if you want to avoid potential litigation.

Some people may misuse a smart security system and smart speakers for malicious and clandestine purposes-such as voyeurism or espionage, and a skilled thief may be able to hack into a smart speaker system and disable it; leaving your family unaware and vulnerable.

3. How To Make it More Secure

You should always think twice before deciding if you want to link accounts. Two-factor authentication should also be implemented for added protection, and you should train your smart speaker so that it can recognize multiple voices as well.

The speaker should also be deactivated whenever it is not in use, and any sensitive information that is saved on accounts associated with the speakers should also be removed as soon as possible. The home security system you choose should also be customizable. It must also be able to be integrated into home automation.

4. Questions to Ask a Home Security Company

You should ask them what their return policy is on the equipment, and also ask them if you need to sign a contract. It will help if you even asked them how they screen their employees as well as how long they have been in business.

Also, don’t hesitate to ask them where their monitoring stations are situated, as well as how long it takes them to respond to emergencies. Finally, do not forget to ask them what special features are included with the package as well as what features you will need to pay extra for.

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