5 Tricks for Youtube Channels with Low Engagement Rates

YouTube engagement has become a crucial part of your channel’s success. Content creators often have to deal with low engagement rates, which is quite disheartening. There are several methods to increase engagement on YouTube, and the most popular one is to buy real YouTube subscribers. Well, if you want to do it organically, we are here to help.

When you do things the right way on YouTube, you can build an authentic relationship with your community and viewers. They will know that they can rely on you to receive great content that informs and delights them. They will also reward you in return through engagement.

The most critical YouTube engagement actions are Likes, dislikes, shares, and subscribers. Our instructions will you five tips and tricks to fix your YouTube channel, receiving a low engagement rate.

1. Nail the thumbnail

Your video’s thumbnail is undeniably the critical determining factor for a user to decide whether he should watch your content or not. Along with the title, it is the first thing users see when they search for videos.

Picking an exciting shop from your video is not enough for an attractive thumbnail. You need to wake up the creator in you or hire a professional graphic designer. You should customize your thumbnail images to make sure they are clear and strong that would give potential viewers an idea about the content of your video before watching it.

A few tips for creating great thumbnails:

  • Add text- If you don’t have super eye-catching imagery in your video, try to add some text to your thumbnail to attract viewers. Imagine it like a second title on your video.
  • Use the rule of thirds- The power of thirds is a guideline in photography that will help you balance the negative space in the shot with your main subject to draw the viewer’s eye.
  • Use the right tools- There are plenty of tools available on the internet for designing thumbnails for your YouTube videos. Though some might cost you money, there are free ones too. We recommend Canva.

2. Hold dinner parties, not soapboxes.

Brands treat social media engagement like two things- either a soapbox or a dinner party.
Soapboxes are social media accounts focused on themselves. They exist simply as a platform where brands promote their products and services, ignoring any data, customer interactions, and metrics.

Dinner parties are brands that involve their audiences in conversations and engage with them. They listen to their audience actively and react to it. A dinner party host knows its audience well. This brings in more engagement.

If you want your YouTube channel to have dinner parties, you will have to know your audience. That is why you should invest a lot of time understanding your viewers’ needs, pain points, and desires. Dinner party YouTube channels build a connection with their audience, which in turn provides them more engagement.

3. React to trends strategically

Trending events on YouTube can be a great source of content for your viewers. They are an excellent way to provide fun videos to your audience and a solid way to build brand awareness. The more extra people know about you, the more they will engage with you. After all, why would they like and share your videos and subscribe to your YouTube channel if they don’t know much about you?

Trending or viral content brings the most views. You must have noticed that some markets post a miniature version of a trending video on other social media platforms and post the full video on YouTube. This is an excellent method to bring in more Youtube subscribers to their channel and keep them on the trending list.

Stay updated about the latest trends on YouTube or any other social platform and react to them on your YouTube channel. People love such content.

4. Collaborate with other creators

If you are trying to increase subscribers on your podcast, newsletter, or YouTube channel, collaborating among additional content creators is one of the best ways to achieve your goal. This will not only help you grow your audience but also the engagement with your content.

You should not collaborate with just anyone. Instead, you need to involve somewhat in your industry and create content in your niche. This gives you a chance to impress their audience even if they do not know you.

If they like your part in the collaboration video, they will probably visit your channel and subscribe to it. Show your real personality in every video because people get more impressed by authenticity.

5. Use the right tools.

“Work smarter, not harder,” said many successful people. Well, that’s the key.
Several tools can help you gain more engagement on your YouTube videos, YouTube analytics tools, scheduling tools, etc.

You can track your content’s performance through the analytics tool and find the right time to post. With scheduling tools such as HootSuite, your videos can get automatically uploaded at the scheduled time.


People visit YouTube the most, after Google. There is no shortcut for a successful YouTube channel. These were the five tricks for Youtube channels with low engagement rates. You should work hard to impress your audience and earn their love and respect.

This post was last modified on June 4, 2021 10:12 pm

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