When the iPhone 8 Plus was launched, it was the second most rated phone from Apple with features only found in the top of the line Apple phones. Since its release, it has held strong and is among the top affordable and feature-packed phones.

If you are scouring the market for your next purchase or you already have one but looking for information on the good and the bad side of it then this guide is all that you’ll need to make an informed decision on your choice.

Note – iPhone 8 and 8 Plus use the same chipset but the differences are in RAM (2GB vs. 3GB), display size (4.7 inches vs. 5.5 inches), battery capacity (1821mAh vs 2691mAh), and camera.

So, if you are interested to know more about the iPhone 8 Plus, here are a few goods:

1. True Tone Feature

I bet nothing is more exciting as having to see your phone adapt to the environment without you lifting a finger. Just turn on True Tone.

That’s exactly what you get with iPhone 8 Plus. It’s still a 1080p display but this time it has what Apple calls true tone. It adjusts the colors and intensity of the display according to the ambient light and environment.

As a result of this, the display looks natural even when you’re in direct sunlight. It’s one of those features that you have to see to appreciate.

When you turn this feature off the screen looks blue and less natural, turning it back on makes everything look natural and the blue we talked about, Gone!

2. Battery

How would you like it, if your phone can tag along with you all day without losing power?

And can complete all your daily tasks, from simple text messaging to watching long hour movies and still having some battery life left?

3. Wouldn’t that be fulfilling?

This feature is long overdue.

With the 8 plus, you can easily go through a day – or maybe a day-and-a-half without experiencing a total battery drain.

Users have confirmed that the device can achieve a full day’s use with around 50% battery life left at the end of the day.

Just plug in during the night (make sure you don’t overcharge your device) and your phone will stay with you for a maximum of 36+ hours of nonstop functionality.

4. Wireless Charging

Say goodbye to tangling cords and yes to Wireless Charging.

This Wireless Charging feature makes the iPhone 8 plus something everybody wants to have.

It is a technology that is already a feature in many Android devices for quite some time now and it’s been a long time coming to the Apple series.

The wireless charging isn’t faster than the conventional wall adapter, it charges at the same rate as a wall adapter.

It’s super convenient you just need to place the phone on the wireless charging pad and that’s it! The phone will automatically start charging. No more looking for chargers in the middle of the night. It’s a feature that will add value to your daily life.

4. Speed and Performance

Apple’s A11 Bionic chipset powers both 8 and the 8 Plus, it’s fast and is benchmarked along the lines of the MacBook Pro. It’s the ability to crunch 4K videos is incredibly fast.

You may experience a bit of lag from time to time but when you are browsing through the apps, you’ll realize how fast and smooth it really is.

Multitasking is still really nice with three gigabytes of RAM, webpages load quickly, everyday performance is excellent, and you’re not really going to notice any slowdowns.

Of course, it’s not going to be as fast as the newer Apple phones but still, it’s a very impressive phone considering its speed and performance.

5. Video Quality

If you are somebody who likes making videos with your phone then you are in for a treat as it records 4k videos with 60 frames per second and 1080p videos with a staggering 240 frames per second along with Optical Image Stabilization and Apple’s Image processing.

The videos still look excellent in 2020. It’s a great budget device if you’re into shooting videos with your smartphone.

That is just about for the good side, lets quickly take a look at the not-so-good features of the iPhone 8 plus

6. Glass Back

The first negative for most people will be the glass back

Now I personally love the glass back, it makes the phone look and feel premium. My personal preference aside, it’s definitely going to be a pain for most people as it can shatter easily if dropped on a hard surface or any surface if your luck is down.

It makes the phone much more fragile. Also, the glass sandwich design makes it very slippery. It’s one of those problems which can easily be fixed by a back cover or a skin.

7. Price

The price hasn’t gone down marginally. You have two capacity options, 64 and 256GBs. And there isn’t any less expensive option available, unless, you want to go for an even older iPhone as Apple continues to support the 6s, 7, and their larger counterparts.

My personal favorite is Phonebot for reasonable prices across their site and consistent product quality and reviews. You can check out iPhone 8 and 8 Plus pricing here

In my experience, these are the Good and Bad of the iPhone 8. If you are looking for the latest and greatest by Apple, hold off for a bit and get the iPhone 11 if you are willing to pay that much for a phone otherwise get the 8 as it’s still a great device.

8. Final Thoughts

In my opinion, it’s still a great device and performs exceptionally well even in 2020 thanks to the Apple software support.

If you are someone who wants the latest and greatest by Apple then this isn’t the phone for you, and, if you are someone who’s looking for an affordable phone that performs well with good battery life then I say, go for the 8 or 8 Plus.