What is content://com.android.browser.home/ and Set Content Com Android Browser Home Page

Android browser is one of the essential apps on mobile devices. Having the right features and performance, while Android browsing (content://com.android.browser.home/) the web can change your entire experience. Android phones have Google Chrome as the default web browser.

Have you at any point ever purchased an Android smartphone, and found so many excellent features, there are a couple of issues with it because the manufacturer of the phone has put its marking all over the place, even down to locking the browser’s home page to a page with their data on it.

1. Best Android Browsers

  1. Dolphin Browser
  2. Brave Browser
  3. Firefox Browser
  4. Google Chrome
  5. Microsoft Edge
  6. Opera’s browsers
  7. Samsung Internet Browser
  8. Tor Browser

Things like that can altogether frustrate your experience as a device user. Fortunately, there are workarounds in case you’re insightful enough!

On the off chance that you can not discover a method for changing the default Android browser on your Android smartphone, at that point, you may need to go into the settings and find different ways to improve it.

2. What is content://com.android.browser.home/

It’s something that characterizes the default homepage in your Android browser. If you need to transform it, at that point, there are a few ‘hidden’ methods for doing it.

In the majority of mobile devices, you can get to this by following the below steps:

  1. Open the default Android web browser application.
  2. Tap the menu button, which undoubtedly is visible on the upper right half of the screen.
  3. Click on the menu that says ‘Settings’ and afterward drill down to the sub-menu until you discover the ‘Android Browser Settings option. When found, click on it.
  4. Open the ‘General’ settings.
  5. At long last, click on the ‘Set Homepage.’
  6. Enter the URL you want to set as the default page or choose the clear page option.

If you cannot find that option because the maker of the phone has hidden it, then you have another option.

  1. Open the site that you wish to set as your homepage.
  2. Press the menu button
  3. Spare the page to your bookmarks
  4. Press the menu button
  5. Go to Bookmarks/History
  6. Discover the site that you spared, and tap and hold it.
  7. From the menu that shows up, pick ‘Set as Homepage.’

3. Instructions to Change the Default Web Browser in Your Android Smartphone

How to set the default home page on an android web browser.

Remember that you aren’t forced to utilize the default or in-built web browsing application given by your gadget’s maker. There are a lot of better and considerably more feature-rich options available in the Google Play store. The vast majority of them are liberated from cost and can be introduced on your gadget with actually only a single click.

By and by, I like utilizing Firefox and Opera. Firefox is a decent choice, and on the off chance that you have it introduced to your work area effectively, at that point, it makes sense to have it on your smartphone as well.

Why? Well, since you can easily sync your smartphone’s Firefox with the one you have introduced in your work area just when signing in with similar account details.

This implies now the entirety of your web history, warnings, notifications, and preferences alongside all your bookmarks and saved passwords will consequently match up to your smartphone.

Besides, on the off chance that you make Firefox your default web browser application on your smart gadget, at that point, you will have the option to set up a custom homepage much more quickly.

Install it from the Play Store or download the .apk file by visiting this official link and afterward make it your default web application by following the steps below.

  • First: Open Settings’ on your smartphone.
  • Second: Scroll down until you discover something like Apps, notifications, and warnings, and afterward tap to open it.
  • Third: Tap on the “Default applications” and search for a menu called “Browser” and tap it.
  • Fourth: From the provided list, pick Firefox or the one you want.

Presently, when anything (an application or connection with a document) in your gadget needs to open a website page, it will send you to Firefox.

4. The Value of a Good Home Page

On the chance that you are taking into consideration changing your web browser’s front page, at that point, you should prepare. If you are a separate who needs to manage to visit voyages and wants to utilize Wi-Fi over your mobile phone data plan, at that point, you should introduce a module that gives you a choice of tiles for simple connects to your preferred pages as opposed to setting a custom front page.

Then again, you should set your web browsing application’s default page to example.com, which is a non-HTTPS website that is developed and maintained by ICANN.

5. For what reason would you do this?

On the off chance that you are much of the time associated with open Wi-Fi and you find that frequently you need to manage “error messages” about your association not being secure when you endeavor to get to sites before signing in to that Wi-Fi on your smartphone, example.com can support you.

Utilizing a non-HTTPS page as your web browser’s default page may assist with reducing the issues you experience because all things considered, your web browser will have the option to divert you to the open Wi-Fi sign-in page automatically.

6. Disposing of the Android Browser

On the chance that you locate that some applications demand to send you to the web browser introduced by your smartphone’s maker, and you honestly would prefer not to utilize it, yet would instead use other free and straightforward to modify alternatives like Chrome, Opera, and so forth, at that point you might need to have a go at installing an application called better open with.

It’s a free application for Android gadgets that gives you 100% authority over the “open with” choices. It permits you to pick the default application for the Browser, Audio, Ebook, Email, PDF, Video, and different decisions and supersede them with the settings that you need.

7. Presently the question is which one to pick?

Indeed, I will prescribe utilizing the application. As a matter of first importance, I am not the slightest bit partnered with it, nor the engineers have paid me any cash. Also, Via is the quickest web-perusing application I have utilized.

It lacks a lot of highlights, which you will discover in Chrome, Opera, and so on; however, then the project’s total size is under 600KB. Honestly, you read it right. Its overall size is under 0.6MB, and it works immaculately with each sort of site, regardless of if it’s a Video spilling webpage or online paper, it just works.

My different proposals will be Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Every one of them accompanies multi-gadget and multi-account adjust usefulness alongside the entire arrangement of ground-breaking highlights.

8. Custom ROMs

If you have issues with marking on your smartphone past directly from the web browser, at that point, another choice for you could be installing a Custom ROM, for example, CyanogenMod, or DotOS.

These ROMs are network builds that are designed to be faster. They generally offer a more significant number of highlights than the standard ROMs that come with most smartphones. If you choose to do this, at that point, know that at times you might be voiding the guarantee of the gadget as most makers don’t care for their clients modding their devices and operating system (OS).

By introducing a custom operating system, in any event, you will be surrendering some customer assistance. Moreover, you should ensure that you are positive about what you are doing.

It would be best if you comprehended that introducing an altered OS on your smartphone needs a lot of specific information, and I don’t suggest it. In any case, if you do face this challenge and succeed, you will appreciate more command over settings, for example, content://com.android.browser.home/ and your gadget overall.

9. Final Thoughts

There are such vast numbers of internet browsers on the web and on the play store that you can download and make fun of.

Along these lines, as opposed to stressing over content://com.android.browser.home/ perhaps you should be making plans to escape from an enlarged and second-rate bit of programming to utilize something with a protected, quick, and smooth rendering engine.

You can check my recommendations in past areas. Every one of them has a lot of augmentations and different contributions to assist you with improving your efficiency and making browsing the web on your smartphone somewhat quick.

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