How Can You Keep Your Identity Safe Online?

In the pace of the fast-moving world, we are addicted to technology and, thus, love to explore the internet while sitting in one place. Surfing over websites often needs register and user id creation, especially in the case of social networking interfaces.

Unlike some, not everyone is fond of being anonymous, thus create user id with real names. The power of anonymity has its benefits and drawbacks. Have you ever that what if you are using your real name, picture, and identity online, and somewhat your account gets hacked or stalked.

Indeed a worrying aspect for people was hanging and chatting on online socializing interfaces like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. However, if you love to write and read, your real name can be more fascinating for some famous blogs like HuffPost, Mail Online, The Guardian, and more.

1. The Overview of Considerable Ways to Keep Your Identity Safe Online:

The quizzing is confusing for most people who use their actual name, photography over online interfaces. However, keeping personal data authentic and secure precisely the responsibility of the website companies and owners.

But who knows the criminal mind of hackers as they are technically smart enough. Let’s scroll and know more about digital identity safety ways below.

2. Keep Passwords, Passcodes Authentic And Different On Every Website:

Well, this doesn’t mean that you keep the passwords that are difficult to memorize for yourself as prior. If you create hundreds of accounts on different websites, maintain a hidden log or folder to keep your password details authentic. You can go for simple passwords that are difficult to guess for other people.

Use passcodes like your pet names, family member birthday dates, your academic enrollment numbers, etc. for more security and privacy. The more unique is your account passwords will fail others’ brains to guess and operate your logins.

3. Always Use Authentic Anti-Virus Software

There is various anti-virus software available to keep your laptops and computers safe. But do you know some of the anti-virus software companies are also engaged in whack-a-mole malware tricks to hack and use your data?.

Thus, it is always recommended to use end-to-end anti-virus software that is legalized to keep your data and details safe. Quality of authorized anti-virus software will timely detect and check the bugs, loops, errors, and other malfunctions of the systems.

4. Block and Report Is a Weapon

Most of us get unknown invitations and requests on social media to chat, call, and text. If you are concern about your identity to keep safe, then block them immediately. However, if you chat and talk with strangers, it is not always wrong, but it is essential to do not share personal information with them.

If you feel any insecurity with your identity, report and block that account and user straight away. Moreover, if you feel more unsafe and uncomfortable, then call for cybercrime cell, to take prompt action over the whole scenario.

5. Avoid Using Public Wi-Fi And Networking Connections:

There are many encrypted hotspots, Wi-Fi available when you are out somewhere in a cafe, park, etc. Some people use it to save their expenses on data. However, this benefit of available connections often transfers all of the authentic details of your device to others.

Public Wi-Fi can help hackers and criminal mind programmers to encrypt your device within a few minutes. The best is to use only Virtual Private Networks when in social places like coffee shops, airports, metro stations, shopping complexes, etc.

6. Never Store Your Authentic Personal Information And Banking Details On Websites:

Please take it as an extreme caution, as most applications and websites nowadays often ask for premium and subscription charges. Thus it would be best if you had your credits and banking details.

But what is such mass data security get stolen and breaches? However, this happens rarely but does not take the risk because it takes only 90 seconds to encrypt the credit details.

7. Access & Use More Than One Email Account:

It is perfect if you are concern about safety as a prime, whether it is related to your social accounts or financial accounts. Keep all logins separate, and thus if mistakenly your email with social networks gets hacks, then you won’t lose your financial details.

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