Is Marketing Automation Right for Your Small Business in 2020?

Marketing automation is one of the most important things to have evolved in the information and digital age we live in. Thanks to this technology, several businesses have been able to grow and scale upwards. This is due to many reasons. First, let us understand where and how marketing automation software fits into the overall realm of marketing.

Marketing is a series of activities and resources that would help reach, engage, and convert leads into customers for your business. This is a complex gamut where activities have to be matched with the right resources. Yet, there is an easier way to do it – with a good marketing automation software.

But the million-dollar question is – how do you know if marketing automation is the right tool for your small business?

This is a valid question with many different answers that can be broken down into the features and elements of marketing software or platform. Here’s why we think marketing automation is right for your small business, especially in an uncertain year like 2020, where everything is fraught with questions and doubts:

1. Organized Efforts:

When you are running a small business, you would feel overwhelmed and all over the place. The main reason for this is that there is a plethora of information out there for your business, and all this information or big data could be hiding potential opportunities and leads and data about those leads.

How do you find the right data and then segregate it into leads, information about leads, and, most importantly, into segments for your various offerings in terms of products and services? With marketing automation on your side, you would organize the right framework for that so that the big data is captured in your set fields.

These fields would be connected with the proper functions and tasks so that your marketing team can convert the same into data-driven campaigns to reach your potential customers. This would capture their attention and engage with them quite seamlessly for the journey towards a conversion to begin.

2. Doing More with Less:

This is the mantra that every small business would have to follow to get easy conversions and grow. Yet, it seems like an uphill task because many resources seem out of reach and far too expensive for the small business. However, with marketing automation, this is something that you can workaround.

You would seamlessly put all your information and functions into this simple software so that you can get the best out of it with minimum effort. The automation tools on the marketing automation software would give you many options for using data to drive reach and engagement.

These simple tools would make your marketing process much more streamlined and necessary, which means you would have the time and bandwidth to get more done since most of the tasks would be automated.

This would essentially mean that you are getting more done with less. In this regard, the marketing automation tool can make things simpler and more efficient for you and your team.

3. Get Crucial Data to Understand Your Customer:

We are living in the information age, and hence, information or data is what drives us in all our business endeavors and activities. So, it should come as no surprise that marketing is now a data-driven process.

Yet, do you and your team have the time and capacity to sift through the mounds of big data to find the most relevant nuggets? The answer would be no, especially if you are running a small business with a small team.

Getting the crucial data is essential since it will help you understand your customers and the markets you are playing in. This would help you reach your leads and convert them into your customers.

You can always bank on crucial data to do the trick when creating campaigns driven by the right data in the right places.

This essential data is captured, stored, and called up by the marketing automation software so that data-driven campaigns can be churned out to hit the bull’s eye every time.

This would make your reach simple and more effective, and the engagement will also be more geared towards a conversion since you will be able to articulate your core customer’s needs.

4. Customized Messaging and Deliverables:

The point of reaching out is to engage people who would be the perfect fit for you and your small business. It would be a great idea to reach out with personalized messages that would be relatable and even resonate with what your core clients want.

To do this, the marketing automation software would give you crucial data. But the trick is to use this essential data to create personalized and customized messages to show the customer that you care.

This would build good brand equity and brand recall value for you. This is also an excellent way to get the most out of the data that would be thrown up by the marketing automation software for your small business.

5. Customer Retention Becomes a Breeze:

With marketing automation software backing the marketing operations of your small business, you would be able to retain your customers for re-selling, cross-selling, and up-selling purposes.

The data you have would help you engage with all of the customers in a very personalized manner to cater to their needs efficiently.

With timely communication due to increased bandwidth, you would solve their queries and problems in a much faster and more prompt manner for better brand value overall.

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