If you want your eCommerce store to earn well, then driving traffic to the store is not enough. That traffic must convert to result in high sales.

Not all visitors shop online. Hardly 1 or 2 visitors are turned into customers. You must have wondered that some online stores earn well, even when their store’s traffic is the same as yours. The secret behind this making is not traffic, relatively reasonable conversion rates.

After the people have been driven to your store from the search engine result pages, you have to make sure that they don’t leave before buying something from you, or at least before exploring your store.

If yourself are contending with weak exchange rates on your Shopify store, then seek no more.

This article has 13 robust solutions to double your sales conversion rate.

Top 13 Proven Ways To Double Your Sales Conversion Rate

1. Clear Landing Page

Clear Landing Page

The first way to double your conversion rate is to make sure that your landing page is clear, concise, and easy to navigate.

Suppose the landing page is cluttered or has too many distracting elements like videos and music playing on a loop, etc. A visitor will exit such a page in a matter of seconds or maybe milliseconds.

The landing page should be designed by keeping in mind the visitors you will welcome to your website. Landing pages should be resourceful. They must update the user about the information they’re looking for and instruct him about his next step.

To make it simpler for you, landing pages should have the following items to make them useful:

  • Headings and subheadings
  • Descriptions/features
  • Customer Reviews
  • Relevant images to show what you sell

To check which items are useful and clicked the most by a visitor, use a heatmap. This fantastic tool shows you how many people clicked a specific element on the webpage.

Using a heatmap, you can understand which elements are useful and which ones are not helping the user in any way. You can delete the unnecessary details. This will optimize your webpage and make it simpler.

2. Add A Pop-Up To Your Site

If you think pop-ups have become extinct and nobody pays heed to them, then think again.

According to a study conducted by Sumo.com, pop-ups can increase the conversion rate up to 3%, and if done smartly, it can even take the conversion rate on an average of 9%.

Are you still thinking that pop-ups are useless?

Try adding a pop-up on your website, and it will boost your conversion rate.

You can try the following ways to add the pop-ups on your store:

a. Offer Something Valuable

By offering something valuable, we certainly don’t mean to give away the most pricey item, no. You should provide something to your visitors that will be useful to them—for instance, free samples, free trials, PDF, printable resources, etc.

b. Don’t Make It Annoying.

Don’t forget to set a delay timer of 30 seconds and an easy to close button. If these two elements are absent, then the user will exit your website. Don’t annoy him. Furthermore, for every person, one pop-up is enough. More than that will lose its effectiveness.
Try adding a pop-up and improve conversion for the Shopify store.

3. Provide Testimonials

87% of online users read reviews before purchasing from a store. Somebody want to create sure that they are buying a product from a trusted and authentic Shopify store.

To influence your potential buyers’ decision, strategically display testimonials and customer reviews so that they can read them and understand the people’s opinion about your brand.

You can add testimonials that talk about the quality of the product, delivery timings, customer care service, etc. Reviews and testimonials will surely catapult your conversion rates. New visitors will trust your website based on the thoughts that you have mentioned on your page.

4. Compelling Product Description

Your potential customer will never buy the product if you upload the pictures and provide an ‘add to cart’ option no. It would help if you made efforts to persuade your visitor why your product is the answer to his/her problem.

Just having a competitive price is not enough. You need to talk about your product. Highlight its features and how it is different from the other similar products found in the market. Make sure to have a catchy description that will induce your visitor to grab the product and pay you its price.

5. Have Powerful CTAs

Call to action buttons, or CTAs, are the instructions for your visitors. It directs them about what their next step should be in your Shopify store. For instance, on the homepage, you will want your visitors to sign-up for your newsletter, or on the product pages, you will want them to purchase something from your store, etc.

Writing bland CTA copies that are found on every website is not going to bring you fruitful results. Your CTAs should be unique and exciting. It must catch the user’s attention and compel him to do what you want him to do.

Instead of using the boring ‘Sign-Up’ option, switch to ‘Yes, keep me updated. By starting your CTA copies with a positive affirmative tone, your user will be more likely to do what he asked.

6. Live Chat Option

Another way to improve conversion for the eCommerce store is to add your visitors’ live chat option. Many times a user has made up his mind about purchasing from you.

But, he has a few concerns about the product, delivery time, payment method, etc. If there is an option of live chat on the website, he can clear his fears by getting the live chat person’s relevant answers.

By helping a customer, he will thank you by making a purchase, and he might come back to shop from you.

7. Offer Alternative Logins

The number one reason why people have resorted to online shopping is that it saves time. If your website lengthens the shopping process, then what’s the point of shopping online?

You must make sure that a user doesn’t have to spend extra minutes on your website that might test his patience. Asking a new visitor to create an account for the checkout process will be a blood boiling moment for him.

Save his time and retain a customer by offering alternative login to him. Allow him to use your website through Facebook, Google, or any other account.

This will significantly help in increasing the conversion rate for the Shopify store.

8. Optimize Your Website For Mobile Users

Optimize Your Website For Mobile Users

In 2018, approximately 52.2% of the total web traffic accounted for mobile traffic. This number must have increased by manifolds in the previous two years, especially when a global pandemic struck the entire world. The dependence on online shopping escalated significantly.

Having a responsive website on various digital devices is more than necessary now. If your website is not responding or doesn’t operate portable devices appropriately, then be ready to lose a massive chunk of traffic on your website. The bounce rate will also affect your SEO adversely.

To prevent this from happening, make sure that your website is optimized for mobile devices and works perfectly without hanging or taking forever to load.

9. Make Checkout Process Easier

You surely don’t want your customers to abandon their fully-loaded carts after they see your checkout process?

Many online stores fail to increase their conversion rates because of a long, complicated checkout process. Once the customers have (almost) bought their favourite items from your store, they cannot wait to receive the goods. Making a checkout process that involves never-ending questions and fields will make your customer irritated, and he will skip the idea of shopping from you.

Keep your checkout form short. Divide it into small fragments to keep your customers calm and patient. Do not ask questions that are irrelevant to the checkout process.

Also, provide multiple channels of payment. Allow your customer to select the track that is considered safe and trustworthy by him.

10. Create UrgencyImprove The Speed Of Website

In an online world, people have no patience. They want everything to be ready for them as soon as they are done typing or tapping their screens.

The traffic arriving at your Shopify store is not going to be kind enough to wait for a few seconds to let your website load. If your website takes one second longer to load, then be ready to face the following consequences:

  • Page views will decrease by 11%
  • The conversion rate will reduce by 7%
  • Customer satisfaction will reduce by 16%

One second in an online world can cost you plenty of profits that you could’ve easily fetched from the traffic that arrived at your store.

Make sure to host your website on a reliable server. Furthermore, check your codes. Long strings of useless code can take longer to load. Try to compress your code, optimize images, and other elements, to improve your website’s speed.

11. Create Urgency

Creating urgency on a Shopify store quickens up the decision process of a buyer. Holding a sale or offering a limited time offer can encourage visitors to hurry up in making their decision.

You can also display the number of items left of a product that a user is viewing. By showing the number, the visitor will keep in mind that the stock will soon end, and they won’t get their favourite items if they don’t act quickly.

To make it more effective, try adding a countdown timer. Watching the time run out will make them hurry up, boosting your sales conversion rate.

12. Offer Free Shipping

Offer Free Shipping

The word free is magical for your online store. People love to avail things and services they don’t have to open their wallets or purses.

Shipping costs are a big turn-off for new customers. Especially if it is added to the final bill that is given at checkout, this step by businesses can cause them to face an increased cart abandonment rate.

Be very clear and precise about your costs, taxes, and other fees. Never add any additional charge at the time of checkout.

Free shipping is an excellent way to motivate potential customers to purchase from you as they will only pay for the products they have bought and not for the delivery charges. It will be very beneficial to increase your conversion cost.

13. Work On Your SEO

Without good SEO, there is no way you can drive organic traffic to your store. You may pour your heart and soul to market your eCommerce store, but it won’t generate the same amount of traffic as search engines do. Along with marketing, make sure that you work on developing sound SEO strategies for your Shopify store.

With proper SEO, your brand will reach a wider audience, and it will ultimately increase the traffic on your store, and as a result, your conversion rate will also flourish.


For every eCommerce store, the sales conversion rate is an important metric to monitor growth, success, or failure.

A higher sales conversion rate makes the marketing efforts for an eCommerce store an absolute success. Increased revenue will further enable it to invest a handsome amount to market the eCommerce store.

Ensure that your Shopify store has a good website layout, works perfectly on various devices, and is speedy enough to keep up with an impatient user. The above suggested 13 ways will surely help you to double your conversion rate.

Which method do you believe is the most powerful to boost the conversion rate? Could you share it in the comments below?