Suppose a child does not have time at school to do what in that case, parents often do not know. The reproaches, punishments, blackmail, attempts to motivate a schoolchild with gifts and money to have only a short-term effect or do not affect him/her at all.

Most children are happy to go to the first grade and are enthusiastically accepted. However, by the end of the first academic year, the interest in learning is dramatically declining.

With the beginning of the school routine, a child faces difficulties. He or she has to hold and concentrate attention for a long time and establish contacts with classmates.

Even if parents don’t blame the schoolboy openly, he feels their frustration very well. The child, about his parents, is a powerful emotional mirror. It not only captures the cynical coming from them but also amplifies it many times.

What should parents do?

To return a schoolchild’s interest in learning, it is necessary to develop in him or her a belief in the possibility of success. To do this, it is essential to stop focusing on academic performance. It is necessary to notice the smallest sensation of a pupil and praise him for it.

When something does not work out, it is essential to help and encourage him. You should not do lessons until the morning, trying to learn a verse or solve a difficult task at any cost. Studying should not be associated with an unbearable burden and suffering.

You should not compare a schoolchild with more successful peers. To evaluate the activities of a child, it is necessary to compare only his results. In this case, you may help him and let use paper writing service.

Asking about the school, it is necessary to focus on relationships with children, excursions, topics of study. Evaluations should be of last interest to parents.

If a child has lost interest in learning due to the heavy workload, it is necessary to leave him alone for a while and give him full freedom. Parents should be prepared that the child will stop doing lessons and will spend time in idle time. This is a natural reaction. Gradually he will get bored with idleness, and he will return to everyday life.

It is not excluded that the unexpected freedom will allow realizing a long dream of a schoolboy. He will take up photography or enrol in web design courses. Whichever activity he chooses, he should be supported.

Sometimes a child has bad grades at school because he is not present at classes. During the lessons, the pupil does not listen to the teacher and does not take part in the events happening around him.

He plunges into the world of his fantasies, blocking external information. This behaviour is typical for children who do not receive enough attention from adults.

A poorly performing child can work diligently and purposefully. However, the innate temperament does not allow him to cope with the load. The child simply does not have time to do his homework and to solve the task at the control work.

Such a child may look lazy, who does not want to move his finger once again. However, this impression is deceptive. The slow response is due to the structure of the nervous system.

Nerve impulses do not spread through the nerve fibres as fast as other people. This feature is not a disease. It must be taken into account when assessing the knowledge of the baby.

Parents need to accept the child as he or she is.