Explainer videos are getting popular in terms of attracting viewership and gaining popularity. They define the product or services and help to spread the word around.

These are undoubtedly useful in capturing and engaging audiences and generating leads. With these videos’ help, you can reach out to your target audiences and potential customers proactively.

However, explainer videos only work when you do it right. If they fail to address the audiences’ queries and doubts, it might as well backfire and bring down the value of your product or service in their eyes.

Thus, you must know and utilize the tricks to create engaging, captivating, and best explainer videos. Here are a few guidelines to follow when creating a winning video.

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Nine Tips for creating an engaging and entertaining explainer video

1. Create an impactful script

A good script is a stepping stone to an entertaining video. The script determines the points of emphasis, the elements of creativity, and the video’s voice. Thus, it is crucial that your hand is engaging and focuses on all the essential details.

It is helpful to hire a third-party professional to write the script. Their experience can help you gain the necessary closure about the audience’s perspective. An outsider will take a fresh look at your company or product and develop a more comprehensive delivery method.

While creating the script, or finalizing it, make sure that it contains everything you wish to highlight, and it is relevant and essential.

2. Keep it short

Audiences only have a limited attention span. The more you say, the more the audience will forget. Short and crisp videos work best with them. They are likely to remember the facts that are most relevant to them.

Do not explain everything; instead, include a ‘hook.’ A hook is an exciting or intriguing overview that encourages people to seek more information. By doing so, you can also lead the audiences to the next desired step.

Technically speaking, the voiceover should contain 150 words per minute, which is more than the average reading time. This leaves enough time for the message to sink in, and hence the audiences can follow comfortably.

3. Do not complicate things.

It is remotely possible to explain complicated things in a short video. Hence, to keep the video short, you must focus on essential and straightforward aspects only. A good explainer video emphasizes on the following things:

a. The complication

Talk to the prospects about their problem. Speak their language and address the issue they might be facing.

b. The solution

Briefly introduce your product or service and elaborate on how it can help them.

c. The functioning

Explain how it works and how they can get started.

d. CTA or call to action

Always include a button that leads them to the next step and closer to sale.

4. Emphasize the benefits

Never forget to consider the perspective of the audience, who are also potential customers. The idea of showcasing the features of your product may be appealing. However, considering the customer’s outlook, they are not as relevant as the product’s benefits.

The customer wants to know what serves them and what serves them best. Hence, it would be best to emphasize the utilities of the product you are selling to them.

Speak their language and cut out on the technicalities. Tell them in simple terms how your product is practical and essential to them.

5. Keep the voice professional.

It is needless to say how the audio impacts the video. Cracking, silencing, or breaking voice will not help you; nighter will provide an unprofessional tone. The voiceover should be pleasing and capturing.

Thus, the audio must be professional with a tone of maturity, understanding, and knowledge. When the audience hears you, they should feel that you have in-depth knowledge about your subject.

You may want to find a professional with polished delivery who can do the voice over.

6. Make it entertaining

You may be creating an explainer video with essential facts and information, but the audience is looking at another piece of content that they might find interesting or boring. It is up to you that you make it entertaining and engaging.

No matter who is watching, an element of surprise, humour or quirk, works with everyone. If they enjoyed it, they are likely to remember it. By making them enjoy themselves through your video, you can connect to the audience personally that you can not achieve with a website.

However, maintain a balance and do not get carried away with creativity only.

7. Put Visuals Second

Visuals are essential, just like voiceovers. They must be appealing and understandable. However, there is no need for overdoing things. It is pointless to use grand and elaborate visuals with unnecessary details and effects.

Comprehensible and straightforward visuals work fine with the audience as long as they serve the purpose of explaining the topic to them.

There is a distinction between advertisements and explainer videos, and that must come through.

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8. Choose suitable background music.

Despite the dialogues and voices, we are significantly influenced by the background music when watching a movie. It creates an ambience that enhances our movie-watching experience. Similarly, while building your explainer video, make sure to add resonating background music. It will set the pace and tone for your video.

There are plenty of tools and services you can find online to search and find the right music for the video. You might consider the mood and the tone before you select the final one.

9. Do not forget about the launch.

The team often gets caught up and excited about the video production and skips the planning of the launch. It is mention-worthy that the video’s launch is as important as its production and so it has to be strategized accordingly. The following are the steps for planning a launch:

a. Find a video host

Some good examples of video hosts out there are Brightcove, Wistia, Vimeo PRO, etc.

b. Strategize a marketing campaign

There is no formula to create a viral video, but specific standard techniques can yield some good results when followed. Use the most effective marketing strategies to highlight the video and share it as much as possible.

c. Blend the video on the website

We understand that you want the video to be in the forefront, attracting more and more audiences. Nevertheless, it is vital to integrate the videos seamlessly. It must not look forced and irrelevant.

Showcase your creativity

By following these steps, you can create a video as per the industry standards. However, to make it exceptional and unusual, you must use your creativity. Each company is different, and every brand is unique. In the end, it is up to you what image you want to create.

There is no set formula that can get you a viral video or an excellent viewership. But if you want your video to do well, you have presented your product and its benefits in the most entertaining, comprehensive, and straightforward way possible to your audience.