It is a pity when you buy a high-performance electronic device that works amazingly fast for years and years, but even Macbooks get slower. Anyhow it is a standard process of aging like in real life: the apps and operating systems are getting more advanced, and the computer simply can not keep up with the newest version.

Or can it? In a way – no, in a way – yes. It is a fact that a 5-year old Macbook will probably never be faster than a completely new one, but this does not have to mean that you are stuck with a slow computer or need to buy a new one. There are actions you can perform to make your Mac Running Faster.

If you keep asking yourself the question of why is my mac running slow lately, then it is a sign that there came a time for a change. Here you will find some tips and tricks that will help to boost the computer’s performance.

1. Check up on Your Startup Apps – Efficient Ways Get Mac Running Faster

Check up on Your Startup Apps

Startup apps are the ones that automatically launch when you start your computer. This might be useful if you use apps for work email that you begin by yourself every day anyways.

But it is beneficial, and CPU memory is consuming for your Macbook if you have several apps starting at the same time when you boot the computer. This slows down the Macbook a lot.

To stop these unuseful apps from launching at the startup, you can remove them and prevent them from starting. To make such, click on the Apple icon on the left upper corner, choose System Preferences, Users & Groups, and click on Login Items.

You will see a clear list of startup items – all the apps that launch together with your Macbook. To prevent these apps from starting at the launch of the computer, click on them and click the minus button.

2. Delete the Apps You Don’t Use – Efficient Ways Get Mac Running Faster

When you start removing apps from your startup menu because you do not wish to use them right away, at the start of the day, also give it a thought – maybe you don’t use those apps at all?

Unused apps simply take valuable space and memory on the Macbook, which results in macOS running slower than it should. So go ahead and revise – delete all the apps you never used or no longer apply.

Also, to understand how important this issue might become, you need to know that apps create additional files with data, such as the saves of your games or other information.

Therefore, if your Macbook is packed full of apps and all sorts of records, there will come a day when there will no longer be free space for new saves, and it might end up in significant data loss.

3. Make Sure You Have Enough Disk Space

Having enough space is very important for any computer. This is because Windows users are usually used to keeping their files stacked up on the computer.

At the same time, Apple encourages you to keep most of your data in the cloud so that your container reach them easily from anywhere.

This is also very convenient in the case of a stolen computer or any underlying technical issues that would end up in data loss.

So to prevent not having enough space on your Macbook, it is worth thinking about cloud storage online like Google Drive or OneDrive. Just think about – you will be able to access and share your files with your friends or colleagues.

On a different deal, if you do not have a constant internet connection, you might think about investing in an external hard drive.

4. Clear Your Desktop

Clear Your Desktop

This strength looks like a straightforward tip, but many people struggle to accomplish it independently. Maybe knowing why it can make your computer more efficient and running faster could motivate you more?

The more thumbnails you have on your desktop, the slower your Macbook will perform. This is because your computer is using additional resources to load each thumbnail that you have on your desktop.

Also, think about the fact that having a cluttered desktop is never efficient. It is tough to find a file you need when everything is just piled up. That way, you can regularly clean your desktop or simply try to prevent cluttering it at all.