Do you plan on using Instagram for your brand’s promotion? Check out this Instagram training guide for awesome tips to get found and connect with audiences!

73% of business owners use social media as a way of marketing their business brands. This is because there are tons of potential customers that you can reach when you use social media in the right direction.

The popular social media platforms today is Instagram, and if you’re going to use it, you need to go through some Instagram training. When you understand how to use the platform, you can promote your brand in the best way possible.

Continue reading below for everything that you need to know.

Instagram Training: Promote Your Brand

1. Use Links

Once you’ve opened an Instagram account for your business that is separate from your one, you need to ensure to include links to your company website in your posts. When you include links, it increases the likelihood that potential customers will visit the page.

This will increases the amount of traffic to and from your company website.

2. Select Photos Carefully

The photos that you post to your Instagram account should be eye-catching and engaging. You’ll also want to ensure that you use the right-sized image to keep the picture from becoming distorted and grainy.

Before posting, use Ideal Instagram Sizes to post the best images you possibly can to your business account. Selecting the right photos can do more for your brand than a lengthy paragraph full of information.

And if you want to enhance the pictures that you’re posting, take advantage of the filters that you can use on Instagram.

3. Have a Plan

When you’re using Instagram, you want to reach as many people as possible. You need to have a plan of attack to follow.

The plan that you and your creative team come up with will ensure that you use the right hashtags and get noticed by followers. If you’re not sure how to create hashtags, don’t worry, tons of how-to guides will help you create meaningful hashtags.

Instagram Training: How to Use IG to Promote Your Brand

4. Analyze Data

After you’ve posted content, you’ll want to keep track of what works and what doesn’t work when marketing your brand. You must understand how to read the data analytics provided by Instagram to know what areas you can improve on.

After you’ve been able to pinpoint which posts perform the best, you and your team can develop a plan to produce more content like that. When you create more content that followers like this will ensure site traffic and means that potential customers will share your posts with their followers.

5. Instagram Training For Brand Growth

When you’ve finished reviewing this Instagram training guide, you can begin to use Instagram to improve your company brand’s promotion. Social media can do more for your brand due to the digital era’s progression.

This article was crafted to provide you with everything you were looking for when using Instagram for your company. If you’d like to check out some of the other posts covering various topics, continue to scroll through our blog section.