A few years ago, we had not heard anything about the trend of Instagram video. However, with the launch of a platform, like Instagram, we have started enjoying its video capabilities.

In due course, we have also found the trend of posting online video ads. Thus, for this video posting feature, Instagram has gained high popularity within a short time.

Although you may post your personal, entertaining videos, several businesses have taken advantage of this feature.

However, lots of digital marketers have a question- What should be the best format for Instagram videos? You may have confusion while dealing with the technicalities of these videos. That is how? We should present you with a comprehensive guide.

1. Video format rules for Instagram users

The MP4 format is the best option for adjusting the Instagram video. You have to make sure that your video has-

  • AAC audio
  • H.264 Codec
  • 3500 kbps bitrate
  • File size up to 15 MB
  • Frame rate per second- 30 fps
  • Video length- 60 seconds or less
  • Video width- 1080 pixels or less

2. Tips for posting high-quality Instagram videos

It is not easy for you to work on Instagram video. You have to know the right ways of optimizing your Instagram video quality before you post it on the platform.

While you are posting Instagram videos, you have to focus on a few factors.

  • Best Wi-Fi connection
  • Proper video dimensions
  • Use Google Drive to transfer a video file
  • Use the professional camera to capture videos
  • Properly edit the video

Some video file transfer methods can compress video for optimization. However, they can affect your video quality after posting the content. To ensure that you have uploaded the best official Instagram video, you have to use a quality camera.

3. More about the video and audio formats

We have mentioned MP4 as one of the best forms for Instagram videos. Some others think that the H.264 codec format is the right choice for posting videos on Instagram. However, both these files have similarities.

MP4 is related to H.264. You may have used an editing tool, and you need to transfer this video to Instagram. For accessibility and simplicity, you may choose this MP4 format.

Another notable thing to you is the audio format. AAC audio format is the best option to ensure quality. For any size of the Instagram video, you may choose this audio format.

While talking about the size of Instagram videos, we have to mention the aspect ratio. The ratio indicates video dimensions, and for the square footage, dimensions have to be 2×2. For the rectangular ones, this aspect ratio may be 16:9. The standard aspect ratio of your videos is to be 4:5. However, you may optimize it to give a better feel to the viewer.

The video with widescreen looks best on Facebook and YouTube. But, as most of the Instagram users use smartphones, you may focus on the vertical dimensions.

The choice of aspect ratio may vary for different factors. Although Instagram has not set any strict rules for Instagram, video sizes, aspect ratios, and dimensions are best for most of the videos.

4. IGTV videos and their formats

One of the latest innovations for Instagram users is Instagram TV. IGTV streamlines full-screen videos that are in the longer format: After setting up the IGTV channel, you may broadcast videos with a duration of 10 minutes to 1 hour. For these videos, the minimum length has to be 15 seconds.

Based on the choice of accounts, you may find a variation in the rule of video length. The aspect ratio for your video has to be 9:16, and you may prefer MP4 format.

5. Instagram Stories- Know about your video technicalities

After the introduction of videos to Instagram Stories, we have found the option of posting ads. You can find your videos in the story feed and integrate paid videos into some other user content on Instagram.

You can find the best performance Instagram story videos, while you have not edited them. Your video size has to be within 4GB, while the formats can be.MOV and MP4.

6. Carousel video advertisements- The best guide to Instagram users

You may have found carousel ads on the Facebook platform. Now, with Instagram carousel advertisements, you can present services, features, and products. The aspect ratio for these video ads has to be 1:1. The caption size limit must be within 2,200 characters, and it is best to limit your caption size to 125 characters. Furthermore, the frame rates for these videos can be up to 30 fps.

7. Video formats on other social media platforms

We have presented you with a brief guide on how to manage video format to post the content on Instagram. Lots of Facebook users have an interest in watching videos. Thus, you may also upload Facebook videos of the right format.

The aspect ratio of Facebook videos is 2:3, and the standard video format is MP4. The file size of your Facebook videos needs to be below 2GB.

While uploading a Facebook video, you have to make sure that the length is not less than 45 minutes. The aspect ratio for videos of different styles-

  • Landscape videos-16:9
  • Square videos-1:1
  • Portrait videos- 9:16
  • Twitter videos- Know the technical details-

Videos are more popular than images on the Twitter platform. Most of the Twitter users use mobile devices and love watching videos.

Thus, as one of the marketers, you have to know about formats and dimensions of these Twitter videos. The file size for Twitter videos is to be below 15MB, while the length is to be up to 140 seconds. The aspect ratio ranges from 1:3 to 3:1. You have to learn about these details related to Twitter videos.

Now, we can say that you have to edit every video to post it on the social media platform.

Proper editing will make your videos look attractive and beautiful. Moreover, perfect technicalities will ensure the smooth loading of your social media videos.

You can search for a light video editor to edit online videos. InVideo is an easy-to-use online tool to deal with different features of a video.