The holiday time is usually a fantastic time to make a killing for many businesses. You do, however, need to have the right marketing strategy in place to take advantage of the business opportunities.

Always use the correct digital marketing campaigns; as a result, you will have a robust online presence. It would help if you started earlier so that when the holidays roll around, you have your strategy in place.

Let us look at some of the best email marketing tips below.

1.  Understand The Different Holidays

If you are operating in the online space, you must have a good understanding of major holidays. Some Like Christmas, Easter, and Valentine are applicable in almost every country. However, some holidays may be specific to a region.

You will also make some good sales at events that are not very common. Such include national Dog Days, winter solstice, National Music festivals, April fools, among others.

best email marketing tips

2. Do Not Wait Till The Last Minute

Start your email marketing campaigns well in advance so that you reach people when they’re not too busy celebrating. Your digital marketing strategy should have timelines on when you want to start rolling out any campaigns. You may, for example, want to send out save-the-date emails for offers. Start earlier so that you enjoy top-of-mind awareness amongst your target audiences.

3. Improve Upon What You Did The Last Time

If it is not the first time you are running a holiday marketing campaign, you can learn from your past mistakes. See what has managed to get you the best engagement and what you need to avoid. It helps when you have data to support any decision you come up with.

4. Get The Basics Right – Install an SSL Certificate

Since you’re running a campaign on the digital space, you need to ensure that you have the basics right. Look at the design of your website and provide an excellent user experience for anyone visiting your site.

Depending on the kind of campaigns you run, you may end up collecting a lot of customer information. You must, therefore, install an SSL certificate to give visitors to your website that extra layer of security.

The right SSL provider will provide you with robust online security with an SSL certificate that will build trust among the audiences. Customers want to know that you take the security of their data seriously, and SSL certificates do the job very well in this segment.

You also do not want to deal with any issues around hacking, especially during the holiday, when you could be making money instead.

Email Security via SSL certificates

5. Look at What Your Competitors Are Doing

Watch what your competitors are doing, both in the present and past. Learn from some of the things they have or are doing that you feel set them apart. Tweak your strategy accordingly once you have done your research so that you stand above the competition.

6. Think About Your Promotional Strategies

You may not have the budget for massive promotions such as you would see during cyber Monday or Black Friday. You can, however, have a mix that fits within your budget, and is good enough to engage your audiences.

Consider discounts, prices for referral, Loyalty Programs, sales, gifts, among others. It is also a fantastic time to thank your loyal customers by giving them exclusive discounts. Create a sense of urgency when coming up with your strategies to increase interest and engagement.

7. Work on Your Marketing Content

You will need to develop some collateral for your digital marketing campaign. Ensure you have one voice in your messaging. Make it eye-catching and straight forward. Have consistency across all your digital platforms, including your website and social media pages. With the latter, it is vital that you understand the audiences and what kind of content they interact with.

Consider having a landing page for the holiday campaigns so that you do not interfere with the overall website. A dedicated landing page will also give you a fantastic way to collect leads. It is also cost-effective and can save you money because you do not have to keep on changing how your website looks every time you run a campaign.

8. Ramp Up Your Email Marketing, But Within Reason

Here is one exciting reality about customers, on are typical day, they will not be willing to accept too many emails from companies. During the holiday, they almost expect and are receiving more emails. They know that companies push out offers at this time, and they can land some fantastic deals. Take advantage and increase the number of emails you send out.

This is not to say, however, that you should send out ten emails a day. If you were initially sending out one email in a week, step it up to maybe two or three times a week. Keep a close watch on your metrics, so that you can calculate the bounce rate and determine which ones are getting higher click rates.

9. Consider Your Audience Segmentation

You can avoid email fatigue by reviewing your audience segmentation. Do not send the emails to the full list all the time. Determine who may not be opening the emails and retarget them. It avoids bombarding those who have read the emails with the same messaging.

10. Final Thoughts

Every business approach to its customers in its unique way. Still, you can follow our email marketing tips above and watch your holiday sales skyrocket. As there is no consistent method of digital presence as from time to time, you need to reconsider your strategy to perform better in email marketing. A business should adopt a plan that is suitable for his business.

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